Galmon is a WSH Advocate!

Galmon has successfully implemented the WSH Advocate Programme and recognised as a WSH Advocate by the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council on 28 September 2012!

The WSH Advocate Programme is a voluntary programme which companies of any size can adopt in-house, to create support for workplace safety and health (WSH) across all levels of the company.

Company which adopts the programme identifies suitable employees and empowers them to engage their peers to improve WSH across the company. These WSH Advocates can be anyone (i.e., workers, supervisors or managers) who devote extra efforts to keep the company a safe and healthy environment to work in. While doing these, the WSH Advocates would be a positive influence to their colleagues to be WSH-conscious.

Working towards safer and healthier workplaces through employee participation is the way that Galmon believes is the foundation to building a strong safety-conscious culture in the organization. Having a strong WSH culture in turn provides a sound foundation for the company to build its business upon.

A safe workplace is also a productive workplace and a safe worker is a productive worker. When workers are involved in making their workplace safer and healthier, they feel confident about their work environment and can thus, concentrate more effectively on the task at-hand. Workers’ morale will also be high as they are assured that their management cares.

Click here to find out how to be a WSH Advocate.

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