Galmon awarded bizSAFE Partner

Galmon has been awarded the bizSAFE Partner status by the Singapore Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC)!

As a bizSAFE Partner, Galmon is committed to motivate its vendors and contractors to improve their WSH performance by embarking on the bizSAFE programme.

The Company will also guide and advise its contractors and partners in acquiring the risk management capabilities and WSH Management Systems, including the identification of hazards, evaluating risk, and putting in place control measures to attain the minimum bizSAFE Level 3 status.

This way, Galmon will also able to control the quality and safety standard of its vendors and at the same time, nurture safe practices among its suppliers. These safe practices can lead to reduction in business costs and downtime. As a bizSAFE Partner, Galmon will organise safety campaigns, workshops and trainings with external stakeholders to aid contractors in enhancing WSH standards.

The bizSAFE programme is a WSH capability building programme aimed at small and medium enterprises (SME). It provides a five-step approach ranging from top management demonstrating their commitment towards WSH, to acquiring risk management capability and implementing a WSH management system within the organisation.

The programme is targeted at four communities

  • bizSAFE Enterprises are SMEs which receive recognition for their efforts in better WSH management;
  • bizSAFE Mentors are companies that share their excellent WSH system and practices with participating SMEs;
  • bizSAFE Partners are large organisations that encourage SMEs to join bizSAFE; and
  • bizSAFE Service providers are organisations that provide training, consultancy and programme evaluation services for SMEs.

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