Galmon launches national Mass Fire Evacuation Drill 2015

The fire alarm rang throughout Galmon’s headquarters at 3pm on 2 September 2015.

Members of Galmon’s Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) rushed to investigate the emergency. They discovered that a diesel storage tank was on fire and two casualties were found near the site!

This was the scenario for the national Mass Fire Evacuation Drill (MFED) launched at Galmon this year.

The scenario: a diesel storage tank has exploded and two casualties were found near the incident site.

The tragic factory explosion in Tianjin in August 2015 served as a grim reminder that workplace safety and emergency preparedness cannot be taken for granted.

Aimed at raising promoting emergency evacuation awareness on both industrial and commercial premises, the MFED is a timely exercise to test the skills and knowledge of the employees within these premises.

During the drill, Galmon’s CERT members rushed to the incident site after putting on their fire-fighting suits, safety helmets, goggles, fire-retardant gloves, safety boots and Breathing Apparatus Cylinders.

The CERT comprises a group of trained employees whose primary role is to mitigate and control an emergency situation on the company’s premises before the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) arrives.

CERT members begin to rescue the first casualty

Shortly after, the SCDF Fire Engine and Red Rhino arrived, followed by the Singapore Police Force vehicle.

Galmon’s Site Incident Controller (SIC) updated the SCDF about the situation and what the CERT members have done so far. The SIC is the leader of the CERT members.

With the “fire” now under control, Galmon’s CERT members work together with the SCDF firefighters to rescue the second casualty.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force firefighter putting out the fire during the drill

After the drill concluded, Galmon chief executive officer Desmond Ong thanked all staff and guests for participating in the meaningful exercise.

He reminded staff that although companies are required to conduct at least two fire drills a year, these exercises should not be seen as routine.

“In an emergency, there is no time to ask questions. Everyone from the CERT members, fire wardens, first aiders, to the staff being evacuated, need to be familiar with their roles. Everyone needs to work together in order to manage the crisis effectively,” said Desmond.

Chairman of the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council (NFEC) Mr Alan Loh and Guest of Honour for the event, said: “The NFEC is delighted to partner with Galmon to launch the annual MFED. Through this exercise, key stakeholders get to learn and acquire knowledge and skills to respond in an emergency.”

The MFED is organised by the NFEC and is supported by the SCDF. This year, more than 250 premises have registered for the MFED with an estimated 33,000 people expected to participate in the campaign.

Remember: how well we respond to any emergency depends on how well we practise it!


Watch the highlights of the MFED below!

galmon MFED 2015

Check out more photos of the event on our Facebook page!

MFED at Galmon


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