Galmon receives Workplace Safety and Health Award for Supervisors

Workplace safety is all about teamwork,” said Tan Eng Khoon, Galmon’s Outdoor/Mobile Supervisor and a recipient of the 2018 Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Award for Supervisors.


Eng Khoon oversees a team of more than 30 mechanics who travel around Singapore to perform maintenance checks on Galmon’s mobile elevating work platforms which have been rented or purchased by clients.


“I am very proud to be part of a team that looks out for one another and would not hesitate to offer help to anyone who needs it. This strong teamwork is crucial in minimising the risks of stress and fatigue, which can lead to accidents and near-miss incidents due to lack of alertness and concentration,” he explained.

Presented by the WSH Council and the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, this national award recognises supervisors who demonstrate care for the workers under their charge by improving the WSH performance in their workplaces.


As Eng Khoon’s team of mechanics are usually working on-site, he holds daily toolbox meetings before they head out every morning. These meetings are a valuable opportunity for Eng Khoon to find out if the mechanics face any issues in the course of their work.


In one recent meeting, a mechanic highlighted that it was quite physically challenging and unsafe for him to access a scissor lift which was rented out to a new construction site.

The mechanic had to climb up and down a three-storey high scaffolding to reach the scissor lift while carrying his tools. Furthermore, he also had to perform maintenance checks while heavy construction work was going on around him.

Eng Khoon visited the site with the mechanic to assess the situation and discussed how to minimise WSH risks with the site’s safety supervisor. Fortunately, the safety supervisor agreed to move the scissor lift to a safer location when our mechanics need to perform maintenance checks in the future.


“The toolbox meetings are a daily reminder to my mechanics that we are always on the lookout for their safety. This strong safety culture has instilled a sense of trust and confidence that the company has their best interests at heart. This motivates them to work safely not just by themselves, but also to look out for the safety of their colleagues as well,” said Eng Khoon.


When asked how he feels about winning the award, Eng Khoon said: “As a supervisor, it is my duty to look out for my workers’ health and safety by providing them with the right tools and environment to work safely with a peace of mind.”

“Most importantly, it heartens me to see my staff enjoy the company of one another at work and return home safely to their loved ones every day,” he added.

Galmon wins Workplace Safety and Health Award for Supervisors

To recognise the WSH Award recipients, the WSH Council published the following ad in The Straits Times on 31 July 2018. Can you spot Eng Khoon below?

2018-07-31 - ST - WSH Award for Supervisors

The Ministry of Manpower’s Facebook page also featured Eng Khoon and his thoughts on winning the WSH Award for Supervisors!

2018-07-31 - MOM Facebook - WSH Award for Supervisors

Congratulations, Eng Khoon!


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