Galmon Wins TWO bizSAFE Awards!


Recognising Workplace Safety and Health Excellence

At the bizSAFE Convention held on 5 Feb 2015, Galmon Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr Shawn Ong received the bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award from the Minister for Manpower Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.

Minister for Manpower Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (left) hands Galmon COO Shawn Ong (right) the bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award

Minister for Manpower Mr Tan Chuan-Jin (left) hands Galmon COO Shawn Ong (right)
the bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award

The award is given to bizSAFE Star enterprises with exemplary workplace safety and health performance and robust risk management plans. Only 7 enterprises (out of 18 applicants) received the award this year.

Furthermore, Galmon’s staff Ms Hazel Yong received the inaugural bizSAFE Champion Award, in recognition of her proactive approach to drive bizSAFE and raise the risk management capabilities in Galmon.

She is among 5 bizSAFE Champions who received the award (out of 18 nominees) this year.

Chairman of the Workplace Safety and Health Council Mr Lee Tzu Yang (left) hands Galmon's bizSAFE Champion Ms Hazel Yong (right) her award

Chairman of the Workplace Safety and Health Council Mr Lee Tzu Yang (left)
hands Galmon’s bizSAFE Champion Ms Hazel Yong (right) her award

At the convention, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin reported that the workplace fatal injury rate in Singapore has fallen to 1.8 per 100,000 employees in 2014 from 2.3 in 2013 – the lowest figure achieved thus far.

While Mr Tan commended the achievement by the stakeholders and industry, he also stressed the importance to sustain this effort.

“It is important for us to remember that 1.8 still translated to 60 lives lost. We want to bring it down to zero,” said Mr Tan at the opening of the bizSAFE Convention.

“Ultimately, taking action to improve safety and health in the workplace starts at the top and involves every individual. Everyone can play a part.”

The Minister for Manpower concluded his speech with a quote from Galmon’s bizSAFE Champion Hazel Yong:

“Most people think that in order to champion safety, you’ll need to have years of experience in the relevant industry. However, from my experience, being someone totally new to the field, I am able to make meaningful contributions to my company by looking at the organisation processes at different angles/perspectives identify the underlying issues and make changes or improvements to it.

Everyone – no matter your age or experience – can and should have a safety mindset at work no matter the environment.”

Indeed, we can and we must start today to improve the safety and health in our workplaces, even with a small step.

Start Small, Start Today

The bizSAFE Convention aims to encourage more companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to embark on the bizSAFE programme to improve their workplace safety and health.

In that spirit, Mr Shawn Ong shared Galmon’s journey as a bizSAFE Enterprise with more than 800 participants at the bizSAFE Convention.

Entitled “Safety is the Way to the Top”, the presentation touched on how safety has always been at the heart of what Galmon does and shared the rewards which the company has gained since joining bizSAFE in 2010.

Since joining bizSAFE, Galmon has created a safer, healthier workplace for its staff, and delivered safer, better products to its customers.

“These positive changes have not only earned us the bizSAFE Enterprise Exemplary Award, but also the trust and confidence of our customers and staff,” Mr Ong concluded.

Galmon was also featured in the following collateral by the WSH Council which were launched in conjunction with the bizSAFE Convention 2015:

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