[Product Feature] Introducing the New 6RS Electric Scissor Lift

From commercial construction to hospitals, schools and facilities maintenance applications, the RS Series can be used virtually anywhere there’s work to be done. The ruggedness of the RS Series make these machines extremely reliable. It’s the value you need without sacrificing performance and quality.

Galmon is excited to introducing the 6RS, the newest model in the RS Series of electric scissor lifts, to the Asia market.

The 6RS complements the 10RS, which was introduced last October at the 2011 Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES).

With a platform height of 6 meters (19.7 feet) and a 227kg (500.5 pound) capacity, the 6RS uses a direct electric drive to deliver duty cycles similar to the ES Series. Passive pothole protection eliminates all moving parts in the pothole protection system to reduce repair and maintenance cost. The lift uses four hydraulic hoses and offers an easily accessible battery storage area.

The 6RS has the ability to traverse grades of up to 25 percent. It also features controls similar to the ES, for ease of training and automatic traction control for optimal maneuverability. A multifunction digital indicator (MDI display), which simplifies battery evaluation and fault diagnosis is also included.

If you are keen to purchase or rent a 6RS or 10RS electric scissor lift, contact Galmon today at +65 6862 2277.

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