[Product Feature] Go Where No Boom Has Gone Before – JLG 1850SJ Ultra Boom Lift

The world's tallest self-propelled boom lift - JLG 1850SJ - is now available at Galmon

The world’s tallest self-propelled boom lift – JLG 1850SJ – is now available at Galmon!

The world’s highest reaching telescopic, self-propelled boom lift is available for purchase/rental at Galmon!

The JLG 1850SJ features 19 stories (185ft / 58m) of working height and a brand new chassis.

With faster cycle speeds, the 1850SJ extends much faster to full height, so operators can spend more time working and less time positioning the boom.

Operators will also appreciate the ease with which the lift can be moved from one site to another. The machine features axles that extend or retract in less than one minute to quickly transition to or from the transport mode.

IMG_4255Futhermore, the telescopic jib extends and retracts to provide additional reach, up-and-over capability, and the ability to telescope into and around structures.

This feature has a variety of applications in the following industries:

  • Steel erection
  • Entertainment, studio-related applications
  • Stadium, convention centre, theatre construction
  • Energy-related construction (e.g. petrochemical, power generation, wind plants)

On the platform, an updated LCD display aids positioning by providing a graphic display of the operator’s position in the work envelope.

The display also shows the service codes, engine status, fuel levels, and other messages which assists the operator and service provider with operation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting.

Contact us for more information on the JLG 1850SJ today.

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