[section imageurl=”×500.jpg” title=”Free Site Survey” titleurl=””]No-obligation on-site survey and consultancy service that ensures a precise evaluation of your needs before you commit to any rental or investment in new equipment.[/section]

[section imageurl=”×333.jpg” title=”Maintenance, Servicing and Refurbishment” titleurl=””]Galmon is qualified, trained and authorised by JLG Industries, Inc to render complete after-sales services, parts support, and equipment repairs to all aerial lifts.[/section]

[section imageurl=”×158.png” title=”Sale of Parts” titleurl=””]When your machines need parts, we are the best source because we ensure that the parts are factory-approved. We have a well stocked inventory to keep your machines running.[/section]

[section imageurl=”” title=”Warranty Coverage” titleurl=””]Galmon builds lasting quality into each of our products and we are proud to offer outstanding warranty coverage as our commitment to you.[/section]

[section imageurl=”” title=”Online Payment” titleurl=””]Galmon offers online payment via PayPal for your convenience! Existing customers can complete your payment here.[/section]

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