Talk on Personal Protective Equipment for Galmon Staff

Are all safety harnesses the same?

How do you check which year your safety shoes were made in?

Does having facial hair matter if you are wearing a face mask?

Galmon staff learnt more about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a safety talk held on 23 April 2015.

04 - Audience 01

03 - Harness 08

The talk is part of Galmon’s workplace safety and health programme to keep employees updated on the best practices in the industry.

04 - Audience 09Galmon Chief Executive Officer Desmond Ong reminded staff on the importance of wearing PPE correctly.

“More importantly, we should not be complacent just because we are wearing PPEs, thinking that it will protect us against hazards. We should always remain alert to what’s around us and adopt the mindset that all workplace accidents are preventable!” said Desmond.

Check out more photos and find out what are the answers to the questions above in our Facebook album here!

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