How to check and use SkillsFuture Credit

SkillsFuture Credit balance can be used to pay for out-of-pocket course fees for attending work-skills related courses. The credits can be concurrently with existing course fee subsidies provided by the Government. To check your SkillsFuture Credit balance or claim SkillsFuture for you course attended, please go to Skillsfuture Portal and follow the steps below. For more information on Skillsfuture Credit, you may visit Skillsfuture website for more information.

SkillsFuture Portal link:

1. Login to SkillsFuture Portal

Go to the MySkillsFuture Portal ( and click on 'Log In Now'

2. Login with Singpass

Click the SingPass button and proceed to login your SingPass.

3. Enter SkillsFuture Credit Claim mainpage

Click on 'Submit SkillsFuture Credit Claims' icon

4. Initiate search for Claim

Click on 'Submit a Claim' icon

5. Search by 'Course Name' or 'Training Provider' (preferred)

Select 'Search by Training Provider' and type 'Galmon', select the Training Provider when it pops up. The click on 'Search' icon.

5. Search by 'Course Name' or 'Training Provider' (preferred)

Select the course name that you have registered and are making SkillsFuture Credit for

6. Search for Galmon as Training Provider

Based on the Training Date and Classroom, select the accurate Course Run. You may refer to the confirmation email of you are unsure of the classroom or log into Galmon's portal to check the classroom. Alternatively, please call us at 6862 2277 ext 503 for clarification.

7. Select the Course Name

Key in the following information: i) Amount of SkillsFuture Credit to Claim, ii) Amount Payable by you (how much you want to claim, this should be reflected in the invoice) iii) Upload Supporting Documents (Invoice) Note: You must inform us of the amount you want to claim if you do not intend to claim full amount so that the invoice amount is accurate. You can claim for the full course fee including GST if you have enough credits. Our example below is for claiming full course fee with GST.

8. Select the Course Run

Review the claim to check if all information is correct such as course name, training provider, claim amount and supporting document.

9. Insert claim information and upload supporting documents

Toggle back or follow step 3 to view claim application so that you are sure that claim has been applied for. It is normal for application status to be 'Pending'. Application status will usually take at least half day to be 'Approved'.

10. Review and Submit Claim

You may initiate search by Course Name or Training Provider. However, we recommend search by Training Provider as you may click into the wrong organization if you search by course name. Thus, our example steps below will proceed with search by Training Provider.