Aluminium Scaffolds

Made in UK, multi-purpose and lightweight, scaffolds can be used as static or mobile towers. Facade scaffolds and other limitless applications. Aluminium scaffolds can reach up to a height of 16m

Galmon’s aluminium scaffolds are approved to DIN EN1004: 2005-03 European Standard and the towers are manufactured to BS EN ISO9001: 2015 & BS EN ISO14000: 2015.

Mobile Aluminium Tower Scaffold


  • Aluminium is lightweight
  • Easy to construct and dismantle, ease of transportation
  • Versatile use of components to cater to different heights or terrain
  • Wheels provide ease of movement for towers
  • Built-in ladder frame
  • Colour-coded braces for easy identification
  • Ribbed tube on horizontal rungs (non-slip)
  • Solid case splined spigot, profile enables easy fit operation
  • Rubber swivelling base on stabilisers (secure ground contact)
  • Self locking braces hooks with ergonomically designed release latch
  • Ladder frame construction combines increased strength and durability

Single Width Tower (0.715m)

  • Suitable for job sites with limited space or narrow access
  • Smaller and lighter frames


Double Width Tower (1.35m)

  • Able to teach a maximum height of 16m
  • Larger base gives added stability


Safe Working Load

  • 250kg per platform
  • 750kg for the structure

Low Level Access

These low level access modular units safely and efficiently provides guardrails for workers to perform their tasks with both hands in a protected platform. Such units are very light and portable, making them very suitable for single person operations.


Galmon supplies 2 types of Low Level Access:

  • Teletower
  • Stepfold Podiums

Teletower - World's 1st Telescopic Mobile Access Tower @ Galmon

Teletower Video

Galmon Teletower

Teletower is the world’s first telescopic mobile scaffold tower

The teletower’s telescopic mechanism allows five adjustable platform heights from 1.0m to 2.0m giving a working height of up to 4.0 metres.
The teletower’s large folding aluminium work platform features a climb through hatch for easy access.
It can be erected by one person in less than three minutes and can be transported in a small van or estate car with ease.



  • Aluminium construction
  • Single operative operation
  • Small footprint for ease of transportation and storage
  • Use as a podium platform with low level fixed height options of 33cm and 61cm
  • Comprised of only two parts – podium tower and platform
  • Integral stabilising legs with 5 positions and lockable castors
  • Integral telescopic hand and knee rails
  • Integral platform stabilisers
  • Safe Working Load of 150kg
  • 1.4m x 0.7m platform size
  • Conforms to EN1004
  • Weight 55kg
  • Maximum platform height 2.0m
  • Maximum working height 4.0m
  • Height options 0.33/0.61/1.0/1.25/1.50/1.75/2.00
  • Max working height 4.0m
  • Max height inc railings 2.95m
  • Includes tower 33kg, platform 14kg, wheel set 8kg

Stepfold Podium 1 & 2

Stepfold Podiums

These BS 8620 certified podium steps are a great solution for working safely at low level.

  • Stepfold Podium 1: Providing platform levels of 1m & 1.2m (Working Heights, 3m & 3.2m)
  • Stepfold Podium 2: Providing platform levels of 1.2m & 1.45m (Working Heights, 3.2m & 3.45m)

Using a specially designed telescopic guardrail frame, the user is able to access the step platforms to gain easy access to and from the working platform. 

Stabilizers are provided for extra stability.

Stepfold Podium 1 will fit through standard doorways.

This unit has a folding mechanism that allows it to fold flat, great for transportation and storage.

Stepfold Podium 1 & 2

View our SCISSOR lifts in action below!