Vertical Lifts

Reach High in Tight Spaces: Galmon's Compact Vertical Lifts

Need a safe and efficient way to access elevated work areas, even in tight spaces? Look no further than Galmon's vertical personnel platform lifts.

These lightweight and compact lifts are designed for maximum maneuverability. They easily navigate through doorways and narrow areas, making them ideal for diverse work environments.

Don't let their size fool you! Galmon's vertical lifts offer impressive reach, extending up to 14 meters (46 feet) to tackle various projects. Their sturdy construction boasts a capacity of up to 159 kilograms (350 pounds), ensuring you can bring the necessary tools and materials for the job.

Push-around Vertical Personnel Platforms

  • AC or battery powered elevation

  • Suitable for job sites with limited space or narrow access since it is easy to control via pushing

Self-propelled Vertical Personnel Platforms

  • Self-Propelled (Drivable)

  • Lightweight battery operated equipment

Non-powered Push-around Lifts

  • No power source required

  • Rotate the handle to elevate with ease via a patented pressurized system to assist lifting of equipment

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre through tight areas

  • Maintenance free

  • No operator licence required for these equipment

  • Ecolift - 4.2m working height, Pecolift - 3.5m working height

View our SCISSOR lifts in action below!