Spider Lifts

Go Anywhere, Reach Anything: Galmon's Spider Lifts

Conquer any access challenge with Galmon's spider lifts. These versatile machines:

  • Bend the Rules: Unique design tackles uneven terrain & tight spaces, reaching where others can't.
  • Light on Their Feet: Perfect for indoor floors / uneven soft terrain, offering maneuverability without sacrificing stability.
  • Extraordinary Reach: Get the job done efficiently, reaching even the most difficult areas.

Ideal for: Shopping malls, landscaping, hotels, museums and more!

Crawler Spider Lifts

Features / Advantages

  • Lightweight and small form factor to navigate limited access areas

  • Crawler model - able to climb difficult terrain (even staircase)

  • Wheel model available - small wheels so as not to leave markings / minimal footprint

  • Powered by battery, 230V AC, diesel or combination

  • Working Height –18m to 43m

Wheel Type Spider Lifts

Features / Advantages

  • Lightweight chassis (as compared to Boom Lifts)

  • Large wheels to navigate rough terrain quickly

  • Powered by diesel

  • Working Height – 43m

View our SCISSOR lifts in action below!