Custom-Built Lifts

Build a lift, anywhere you want! - Galmon builds custom lifts for stationary structures, trucks or even trailers . Tell us your requirements, we'll engineer the perfect lifting solution for you.

Our team is highly skilled in engineering design, installation, maintenance and trouble-shooting. They are trained and well equipped to handle any challenges.


Customisation process for a truck-mounted lift

  • Our team procures a truck that is approved by Land Transport Authority (LTA)

  • The truck is fitted with the lifting device of your choice

  • The completed product is then submitted to LTA for approval before it can be used in Singapore roads


It does not have to be a truck - we can mount lifts anywhere you want!

  • We can install a lifting platform / device of your choice anywhere you want, be it on the ground, trailer or stationary structure.

  • Fun fact - Galmon installed a boom arm inside Gardens by the Bay's Cloud Forest dome (it's hidden at the very top!)

View our SCISSOR lifts in action below!